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H.R.H. Princess
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H.R.H. Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Savoy

HRH the Princess Marie Gabrielle of Savoy is the second daughter, and third child of four of Humbert II, last King of Italy, and his wife the Queen Marie José, born Princess of Belgium, daughter of King Albert I of Belgium and Queen Elisabeth, Princess of Bavaria. Queen Elisabeth was the goddaughter and niece of Empress Elisabeth of Austria («Sissi»).

Princess Maria Gabriella studied in Portugal where she spent the childhood up to the obtaining of A-level grade diploma at the Italian high school in Madrid, Spain. Soon after she received the diploma of Italian, French and Spanish interpreter at Geneva, Switzerland University Geneva and then enrolled “Ecole du Louvre” in Paris, France. She completed the four years study in history of art and antique French furniture art with Professors Germain Bazin and Pierre Verlet. During summers she used to attend the painting courses of the famous Oscar Kokoschka at the “Sommer Akademie” in Salzburg, Austria.

She learned from the King her father to be passionate about the history and particularly of the Savoy family, one of the most ancient dynasties of Europe, whose ancestor Humbert so called “white hands“, lived around the year 1000. During his long exile, the King Humbert II gathered, among other things, a collection of 15.000 engravings about iconography of the House of Savoy and also about the Holy Shroud, dynastic property of the House during 530 years. When King Humbert II died he bequeathed the Shroud to His Holiness the Pope John Paul II.

Princess Maria Gabriella made a point of keeping together all the objects, paintings, sculptures, engravings and books gathered by the King which constituted her part of the heritage. In order to do this, she created the Foundation which she named after her parents «Humbert II et Marie José of Savoy» and over which she presides.



S.A.R. la Princesse Marie-Gabrielle de Savoie
    H.R.H. Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Savoy


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